First podcast

Wow. We did it.

Here’s our first podcast, episode one of #allthethings. 

In it, Erin interviews two teachers, asking for a snapshot of their classroom and their current successes and challenges in their jobs.  Thank you to Rob and Laurel for taking the chance on us and opening your doors to a greater audience.  There are definitely volume differences we did not get ironed out before the interviews, and didn’t want to lose their great comments, so we hope you’ll indulge us some volume adjustments this time.

You wouldn’t think something comprised of two interviews and a bit of banter in audio form would be such a learning opportunity, yet there was definitely a technology curve for the both of us.  Thank you to Audacity and some of our tech friends for sorting us out.

Forgive us our sound quality challenges this go-round and we promise an even stronger episode two next month for your listening pleasure.  We are committing to three more beyond that before our summer vacation, and hope you’ll give them a listen before yours.  Thank you to our audience, as without you we’d be talking solely into space.



  1. I like the ukulele intro! One thing – when you go to the interview, the volume drops. I assume this is because you recorded them at different times/places (which is fine). I further assume that you loaded the sound files into some sort of editing software. I’ll bet the master volume in the editing software has a compressor – by messing with it you can equalize the volume even when parts rise and fall in volume in the original pieces. Nice content! Keep up the good work!


    • Thank you – the ukulele is all Jacque! We used Audacity, in a trial by fire kind of way. I think the next time Jacque and I get together we will try altering that portion of the file and replacing the media using the method you suggest. Thanks again for listening!


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