Episode 2

Coming to you from a tea shop in Portland, Oregon.

This is the one where we interview the wonderful Kieth and Carey, with a new microphone, rerecorded ukelele, and some other audio improvements with our listeners in mind.  Perfect — nope– but getting ever closer.  Thank you for giving it a listen and leaving comments with us if you can.

Next month we will share stories of “that one kid” – you know you have some to share with us!

One comment

  1. Nice work! I really enjoyed hearing about the creative approaches Kieth took to teaching science – scientific literacy is so important (and this sounds dramatic but if anything I’m understating it) to the survival of our society. It’s up to us to share it one person at a time!

    PS: the audio is much cleaner! Nice work. I liked the tea shop vibe!


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